This is why we coupled young textile design talent with extensive experience of 30+ years in pet clothing development. As a result, Beana products are exciting and trendy in addition to being functionally appropriate with high-quality, durable and sustainable materials. Here you can read the story behind each print design currently included in our collections to get a better idea of how it was created or what inspired the designer. We will annually introduce new colors and completely new prints to our collections so be sure to follow us!

Our prints

The Piña

“Immediately it catches my eye. Something so familiar, yet so exotic. Just looking at it takes me on a journey to the tropics. The rough exterior is mesmerizing with its shapes and colors. Like a crown it wears its leaves completing the majestic appearance. The pineapple is an excellent example of nature’s marvels. Who wouldn’t love The Piña!”


“Crossroads is designed to celebrate the beauty of cities. Imagine if you could fly and admire the scenery of your home city from above. The network of streets and housing blocks create a fascinating pattern. This is where our everyday adventures happen.”


“Ancient Egypt fascinates people everywhere and its influence in our cultural heritage is undisputable. There is something about the pharaohs and the gods, the myths and the secrets, and the monuments and the symbols that inspire design and architecture still today. Imagine being part of a civilization that defines the future of the world. Imagine if you could read the Hieroglyphs.”

Luca's Daydream

“So much to do and so much to see! Park adventures and sniffing explorations. Scent wondering, sausage searching, and hole digging. Endless petting while laying on the family sofa. Encounters with old and new friends while showering in praises from people. Can life get any better? Luca is a curious pup and this is his daydream.”

Bold by design. Cute by nature.